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Jennifer thompson

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Hi, I'm Jenn! 

Embracing Our Imperfections and Living Real

Jennifer Thompson is the founder and face behind motherhood lifestyle blog, They Whine, so I Wine. A true believer in the power of our stories connecting us, Jennifer has built an online community of women who support and encourage one another through sharing our struggles and reframing our own internal narratives. When not writing, Jennifer works for a Fortune 100 Company where she specializes in marketing.

A strong advocate for women and mothers everywhere, Jennifer possesses a unique ability to get inside her readers’ heads and express the things many women think. Never one to shy away from hard conversations, Jennifer gives her readers tough love with a dash of humor through her raw and inspirational truth telling.

With an online community of over 240,000 women, her words have been shared by millions around the world and featured in dozens of national media outlets, including ABC News, The Today Show and Good Morning America.


Jennifer resides in rural Illinois with her husband and young son.

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It's time to build a life you love. Not one you simply survive and get by in, but one that leaves you

inspired and free.

Regardless of what the world tells you, you don’t have to be the master of your own destiny. You just need to know who you are. 
Are you ready to get honest? 

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