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To the mama who is struggling, you are enough.

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Like throw in the towel, mama just needs a break kind of rough. I can feel my patience teetering this week, I want to cry (or maybe laugh I'm not sure), but more importantly I just feel like a lousy mom.

I am tired.

Tired of losing my temper. Tired of correcting. Tired of fighting my toddlers sudden hatred for everything bedtime. Tired of staring at a never-ending to do list. Tired of the three hours I get with my family after work being a blur. Tired of the laundry, the illnesses, the constant picking up, the cleaning and the guilt.

I am running at half speed and living on coffee.

And then I get that face. That squishy little face that comes in close, squeezes my cheeks and plants a big slobbery kiss on the lips. My baby.

This is why we do it, mama. This is what gets us up day after day, week after week when all we want is two minutes to ourselves. I see you. I see you giving it your all every single day, and I know - because I am right there with you.

You are NOT failing. And by worrying about whether or not you are a "good enough" mama, you are proving that you are in fact, a GREAT mama.

Motherhood is messy. We lose our tempers. We screw up. We feel guilt and worry almost daily - but you are enough. And do you want to know the best part? Whether you are a mama to one or a mama to five, your babies love you. They love us at our worst and our best. That's the beauty of it all. We struggle and we triumph right alongside our babies. We grow and we learn together.

So maybe you are having a hard week like me, or maybe a hard month or even year. Just know you are not alone and you are doing great mama. Keep chugging, keep fighting - because your children need you and tomorrow, tomorrow is a brand new day.

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